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Adding Finishing Touches To Your Wardrobes

Once your fitted wardrobe is built you may take a step back and think there is something missing. After all, even after putting all of your clothes and shoes into the wardrobe there are still a number of finishing touches that you might like to make in order to polish the look of your wardrobe. There is a lot about a wardrobe that you can customise and which might help it to be even more of a pleasure to spend time in.

If you have a particularly large fitted wardrobe and plan on spending a lot of time in there, or bringing people in there with you, it may be helpful to buy a few stools to sit on. These can also be useful in helping you to reach the shoes on the bottom shelves and far more comfortable than bending down to reach them. There are many different sorts of stools you can buy that would fit nicely in a walk in wardrobe and which could also be used in other parts of the home. You could even buy a set so that all of your stools match!

If your wardrobe is fairly small, one thing you can do to make it feel a lot bigger is to install a mirror on the inside. This can also make it more of a pleasure to try on clothes inside the wardrobe itself without having to bring in a mirror from outside. With a mirror in your walk in wardrobe you could use it as a place to get dressed before a night out. In this vein, lighting is also important and figuring out exactly what type, level and location you want for your lighting is an important part of making sure your wardrobe is a usable and pleasant space. Consulting with your designer is key here and they will help you to figure out how to make the most out of the space that you are converting. It is important also to make sure that your preferences are clear. If you want a very bright wardrobe then make sure you say so!

In terms of your wardrobe's appearance from the outside, it is possible to customise the handles and knobs to fit nicely with the décor of your room. There are a large number of different options available from chrome metal, to brass, to gold and porcelain – it all depends on the kind of look you're going for.

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