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Wardrobes Options

When choosing a fitted wardrobes there’s a whole host of options to choose from, naturally with choice often comes confusion. This guide hopes to clear up some of this by explaining the options and who they are best for.

Perhaps the main functional decision you need to make in purchasing a wardrobe is what kind of doors it should have. The two main options are traditional doors which open on hinges outward and sliding doors. Both have stylistic and functional aspects to consider.

If your room is small then a sliding door can mean you can put other furniture much closer to the wardrobe, for instance your bed, giving the room a much bigger appearance and allowing you a good area of floor space that isn’t use just for opening wardrobe doors. The disadvantage of sliding doors in this respect is that they usually actually take up slightly more space than hinged doors as they need to run past one another, but this usually will be at most an extra inch or two.

Sliding doors often cover a wider area than hinge doors, meaning they can be harder to open due to the weight on them. This often leaves to people leaving them open rather than closing them, meaning the wardrobe can look messy. Decide what you’re most likely to do given your current household habbit when deciding, not what what you’d like to do but aren’t sure you will! An open wardrobe door can make an otherwise stylish bedroom look untidy and unkept. Sliding doors are also harder to repair than hinged doors, meaning that those who aren’t DIY aces might have to bring someone in to fix any problems that arise.

Many different styles favour different types of wardrobe. A simple Japanese bamboo with white fabric style would naturally favour sliding doors, while a traditional English-cottage style would prefer hinged doors. More modern designs tend to be more flexible, although sliding doors often are considered more prestigious.

Choosing the internal storage of the wardrobe is perhaps the most important choice if you don’t want to be putting your belongings into the loft or garage any time soon. A rail for shirts can easily fit into just half the height of a typical wardrobe, meaning that the space below can be used for other storage options. Even rails for dresses can usually fit a small shelf or two for shoes. Think about how often you will reach into the wardrobe for items when placing them, daily items such as socks should be positioned so you don’t have to reach down or up, while storage of less common items like spare towels and those jeans or handbag that only come out at the weekend can be positioned more out of reach.

Consider getting a build in make up surface and mirror in your wardrobe to make your room less cluttered. By having to open your wardrobe door to get to you you’ll also more likely have drawers nearby for expanding collections so that essential piece of make up doesn’t get lost elsewhere in your home.

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