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Sliding Fitted Wardrobes

There are numerous types of fitted wardrobe that it is possible to buy and when weighing up the benefits of each you will need to bear in mind both the cost of each and the end result that you are looking for. The most popular is, however, probably the fitted walk in wardrobe with sliding doors which is a very cost effective way of making use of a wide variety of different types of space by custom building a storage solution made with you in mind.

The most expensive sort of fitted wardrobe is perhaps the full carcase fitted wardrobe. This involves a whole wardrobe being built to fit the shape of the room that you are installing it. For instance, in this sort of wardrobe you get a base, a back, and two side walls built and, as there are more materials involved in building this sort of wardrobe, it is generally the most expensive type of wardrobe. This type usually not a “walk in” wardrobe even though it is fitted and is more suitable to smaller spaces.

Slightly less expensive would be the frame construction wardrobe, which generally has a base but no back and no sides. This means essentially partitioning the room off at a given point, constructing a frame and some doors and then adding a base. Again, this is not usually the same as the walk in type of wardrobe and will likely not involve the use of sliding doors.

The cheapest and most effective solution for most people will be the fitted wardrobe with sliding doors. One of the main benefits of this type is that it can fit in almost any part of a room whether there is a chimney breast or sloping wall or not. Also, many people find the idea of walking straight into a wardrobe and even getting ready for a night out in there appealing. This type of wardrobe allows you to do that as well as being a very inexpensive way of making the best use out of the space in your bedroom and custom building a storage solution that meets your individual needs. It can be fitted in just a day, unlike many of the other types of walk in wardrobe, and the sliding doors make it easier to fit in a wider variety of spaces. Overall, then, there is a reason for why this is currently the most popular option – it meets most people's needs more effectively than any of the alternatives.

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