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Walk In Wardrobes

Walk in wardrobes are an excellent way of making use of space in rooms that are irregularly shaped. If you have an L-shaped room or one where the roof tapers down for part of it then a walk in wardrobe can box off part of your room, giving you a square shape and using parts of the floor space for storage whereas previously they would have been left empty. They are also a very stylish way of storing clothes, keeping them free of dust and dirt, whilst laying them out in a neat and presentable way.

For instance, if you have a large shoe collection you may find it hard to find space for these on normal cupboard shelves, but a walk in wardrobe with a shoe cascade could provide the perfect solution to your problem. With a dedicated shoe cascade, hidden from the rest of the room, you can lay all the rest of your shoes out neatly in space that may otherwise have gone unused. Similarly, if you own a lot of long dresses you may not be able to buy standalone cupboards to house them all without taking up too much of your bedroom. A fitted wardrobe makes the best of the space you have rather than filling it up with wardrobes in standardised sizes which may not adequately meet your needs.

Aside from making the best use of space in your room, one of the main benefits of getting a walk in wardrobe over a standalone one is that you can design it exactly how you want it. When you order a fitted wardrobes your designer will ask what exactly you have to store and how much of it there is so that you can have built the exact number of shoe shelves, spaces for hanging dresses and other things that you want. Moreover, you will be able to fully customise the look of your wardrobe by choosing your own door knobs and handles as well as by picking exactly what lighting design you want.

Walk in wardrobes are, in other words, a unique furniture solution custom built for you in order to meet your exact specifications. You can customise them so that they fit the clothes and shoes that you have and make them look however you want in order to make sure they fit in with the décor in your bedroom and the rest of your home.

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