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Wardrobes are an essential part of any bedroom, and fitted wardrobes are very desirable these days. There are two main reasons why fitted wardrobes are increasing in popularity compared to a traditional free-standing ...

Fitted Wardrobe
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When choosing a fitted wardrobes there`s a whole host of options to choose from, naturally with choice often comes confusion. This guide hopes to clear up some of this by explaining the options and who they are best for.

Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes
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It is possible to get a fitted wardrobe in almost any shape room. By partitioning off a sector of the room and fitting sliding doors you will be able to create a new, enclosed space to contain all of your clothes, shoes ...
How to Build Fitted Wardrobes
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Smiths Fitted Furniture is one of the leading designers of fitted wardrobes, fitted bedrooms, sliding wardrobes & fitted interiors from London, United Kingdom. We are offering high quality custom fitted furniture including fitted wardrobes for your bedrooms, living rooms, every small & bigger room in your home at very low prices with 12 years guarantee. We have more than 80 styles and finishes for wardrobes & bedrooms that's why our fitted wardrobe designs are famous in United Kingdom.

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