It is possible to get a fitted wardrobe in almost any shape room. By partitioning off a sector of the room and fitting sliding doors you will be able to create a new, enclosed space to contain all of your clothes, shoes and other possessions that you would like to store and display in a closeted way. As this technique usually involves cutting off part of your bedroom, however, you will need to be confident that you are prepared to give up some of your floor space. As such, it works best with unusual room shapes, such as an L-shaped room, where areas to be partitioned off naturally suggest themselves.

The first step to getting a fitted wardrobe is to schedule a home design visit. This will mean inviting a designer into your home to discuss your needs, including the amount of and type of stuff that you would like to store and the space you are willing to give up in order to do so. In this appointment you can also discuss mirrors and lighting so that you can be sure that what is going to be built is exactly to your specifications. You will be able to choose how many shoe cascades or clothing racks are build, how large they are, and where they will be situated as well as every other detail of how your wardrobe will look.

The next step involves us drawing up a plan that we think matches your requirements and presenting it to you for acceptance or to be revised. This step generally doesn`t take very long and we will be able to explain the floor plan to you in person so that you have a clear picture of exactly what your fitted wardrobe will look like at the end of the process. You will be able to double check everything and given an exact price for the unit.

Once you are happy with the plans, the only thing left to do is arrange for the wardrobe to be installed. The installation work will usually only last a day and will involve a small team of men coming to your house and building the unit in your bedroom. Once complete you will then have the option of adding additional extras to your wardrobe or leaving it as it is to enjoy it for many years to come.

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